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ERO PSYCHE is a slooooo...w fashion brand born under the influence of chaotic and colorful Roma and Istanbul streets. It creates souled pieces for the living.

The name ERO PSYCHE comes from a rare story with a happy ending in mythology. The love of Eros (god of love and sex) to Psyche (soul/living/mortal/human) and the underlying "love to the soul" message just explains all philosophy of ERO PSYCHE.


We wholeheartedly believe that every psyche (soul) has its unique wonders, its magical Narnia which is waiting to be discovered. So all human beings better do even the simplest thing in life with love, since we are all mortal psyches, we should fall in love at every tiny moment of our lives. Most importantly, we do need to trust our colors and show our middle finger to everything else. So we can easily say;

Do it with love,
Only with love.


About Slow Fashion

The Slow Fashion movement's basic philosophy is to produce products that can be worn for a long time, high quality, and will not be out of fashion. We aim to produce with local resources, local fashion styles/technics, and natural materials.

Our business model is established to support local craftmanship. All the production is made by Turkish housewives. We aim to provide employment for women at houses.

We believe fair and equal pay and work hours. We keep our stock in small quantities to not exploit our local producers.

We do love fashion but we don't want our clothes to exploit people or destroy our planet.


f a l l    m a d l y

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